He yelled my name with such vehemence that I couldn’t help but cringe. We used to have such a lovely passionate relationship. Now, we only communicate through heated shouting.

I knew we were getting on the wrong train, but he assured me he knew this was the right one. I had ridden the public transportation all through college, having to visit my parents upstate, so I knew the Red line went South to North. But I wanted to salvage the remnants of our failing marriage so I kept quiet when he selected the West to East line.

Everything was going smoothly until he decided to insult my designer sunhat. What nerve! I retaliated the only way I knew, full force. I slammed the map in his face, so that he could “clearly” see we were on the wrong line. He did not like that, and threw his crate of monkeys at me.

…. and that is how I died, killed by, sadly not a barrel, but a crate of monkeys.

RIP Rafaela


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