What’s cookin’?

I rarely talk about it, what even is it? My future is enigmatic, I can plan my future to what I want it to be, but that won’t make a difference to what it actually becomes. But that would require me to make plans about my future, which I have trouble grasping how life will be different or even care to do so. However, I do have some very loose plans for my future.

For spring break, I will be traveling to South Korea with my mother. I have not visited since I was three, so that’s almost an entire blood line I have little to no connection to. I am excited to see my family, but also anxious. They grew up in an entirely different culture than I have. Or maybe not, with the large American presence since the Korean War, perhaps my relatives are more like me than I think. No matter the case, I don’t think I’ll be ready for the winter season in full scale over there.

After spring break, my future is a blur. I got accepted to study biomedical science at A&M’s College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Science, but I have heard numerous people tell me that it very certainly is not worth it. While it gears students to go into medical school, it wrecks havoc on your grades and their advisers are less than amicable. After college, then medical school, and then residency, I’ll maybe finally be a doctor. Even then, my plans for formal education are not over, as I want to be specialize in pediatrics.


3 thoughts on “What’s cookin’?

  1. I have also been accepted into the exact same major as you at A&M and I too have heard that it is completely and totally not worth it. Your grades will drop, your social life will disappear, and you will end up changing your major by the second year. So now I am stuck between a rock and hard place to what I will change my major to, if I ever get the guts to do it. My future seems more life a blank canvas than a blur… I can see A&M, my roommate, and me possibly wearing a white coat one day, but who knows? Certainly not me.


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