Pun and Sarcasm

Charles Dickens, famous writer has used literary devices quite often in his work. Pip says: “They seemed to think the opportunity lost, if they failed to point the conversation to me, every now and then, and stick the point into me” (Great Expectations). This play on words uses both meaning of the word point in a literal and metaphorical sense. Shakespeare as well has used puns in his work. Romeo says: “You have dancing shoes with nimble soles; I have a soul of lead” using the homonym in a humorous fashion.

Brutus’s sarcastic use of “honorable” flips the meaning of his speech because the action of the people he is addressing was certainly not honorable (Julius Caesar). Yossarian states that he is “not even sick” despite being in a hospital formulating suspense in the story line (Catch-22).


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