Empress Myeongseong

As someone of Korean lineage, I felt obligated to learn more about the past of my people. The Koreans are a proud people, full of history and tradition that is being worn away by modern society. The major periods of Korean history were distinguished by dynasties. Time when a particular royal family ruled the nation.

The Joseon Dynasty was one such period. As the first dynasty of Korea, this family was marked for greatness. During the long feud between Japan and Korea, Empress Myeongseong advocated to protect themselves against Japan by aligning with Russia. At the age of 43, she was assassinated due to the threat the Japanese perceived of her (Wikipedia).

I think the most glorious thing about her is her name: “The Filial and Benevolent, the Origin of Holiness, the Proper in Changes, the Uniter of Heaven, the Immensely Meritorious, and the Sincerely Virtuous Grand Empress Consort Myeongseong” (Wikipedia).

She might have died young, compared to her husband who died at 66, she was very ahead of her time (Wikipedia). Actively participating in politics and studying fields considered solely for men (Listverse). I think she can be a great role model for modern women, as a symbol of dignity and purpose.




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