The Syrian Refugee Crisis

At first, when I heard about the Paris bombings, it was Saturday evening as I was tuning into the Democrat debate. I was confused, wondering why I was hearing about some far away issue that I could care less about. It hadn’t occurred to me that hundreds of people had died in this one series of incidents.

After the scope of the situation began to dawn on me, I felt ashamed of my initial reaction. As a way to make up for my initial ignorance, I have become committed to remain up to date in the current state of affairs with the Syrian refugee crisis and how the current government plans to handle the situation. Unfortunately, our very own governor, along with 25 others have refused to accept refugees as of Tuesday. With now a majority of the states not accepting refugees, I have become disappointed in the way the United States is handling the “situation”. I believe we should accept more refugees and act as a leader in helping to fix this situation which could very well escalate into a much worse situation.


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