Vietnam, a first hand experience

Jon E. Schiff, dentist in the US Navy, a man that underwent a stressful life, surviving the horrors of the Vietnam War. Enlisted, Jon had one purpose, to get away from his old life. His life had become simple: play basketball or not, to read in peace, or hide from artillery fire, to stay safe or venture danger to help soldiers. Schiff stayed relatively safe, remaining on military bases a majority of the time. Except when travelling to treat patients requiring the more experienced skills of his three years in the practice.

Schiff was treated well, putting in requests to have a basketball court built, make his building safer and chose which group he ate with. I admired how much respect he was treated with, most soldiers can’t ask for a basketball court and expect to receive one.

Reading about how quickly one can go from a peaceful evening relaxing to hiding in terror from enemy fire is frightening. You have to quickly assess your situation. Otherwise, boom, you’re dead. Reading about how Jon put his life in danger to help his comrades is inspiring. He performed an emergency tracheotomy and put on a tourniquet two marines while under artillery fire.

To see the story:


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