June 3rd

On my own day in history, a very serious event occurred in history. In 1989, Chinese citizens had been protesting for democratic reform for seven weeks. However, the government was prepared to end the protests. The government authorized its military to take back Tiananmen Square at any cost. They managed to reclaim the square, but at what cost? Thousands were arrested; hundreds killed. But wait, what had incited these people to gather in the first place? With Hu Yaobang passing away, and China lost a supporter of democratic reform. Thousand upon thousand of Chinese students gathered in protest of their government.

After the seizure of Tiananmen square, China faced opposition internationally, facing sanctions from countries such as the US, China was heading into economic decline. After a little over a year, China released hundreds of dissidents, facilitating the resume of international trade for China. This event was a series of mistakes for China — massacring of hundreds of its citizens, facilitating an economic slump, committing a humanitarian atrocity — that was hard to recover from, something the survivors will never forgive.



2 thoughts on “June 3rd

  1. Tank Man, the lasting iconography from Tiananmen Square, is one of the desktop backgrounds in my rotating collection. I have always been bugged by the way China did not undergo democratic reform in the 1989-1992 period like nearly every other former Eastern Block country. TS always appeared to be the appropriate spark China needed to follow other examples like Poland and Czechoslovakia, but somehow, the people failed to respond effectively enough. Why didn’t the TS events immediately elicit major government overhauls in China at the time?


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