5. Confucius

This quote really spoke to me. I occasionally hear my classmates speak of their jobs. How they hate their long hours and hard work. But they accept their duties because of the amount of pay they get. When I work, I don’t work long hours, except on Saturday. But the best part about working at Live Oak is that I love working there. My coworkers are friendly, and I genuinely enjoy being an active part of the archery world. Like the boy in the comic, I picked up archery at an early age, and I will most likely continue to be involved in archery, when I enter college next fall, I hope to join the collegiate team, and eventually become a coach for local archery organizations.

What touched me the most, is how isolated the boy is. He continues to partake in his passion despite the fact none of his friends seem to support him; continuing to enjoy themselves while he continues to draw in solitude despite being among others. I often feel that way about archery, I participate in a very different sport than most of my peers do. Even more so, I compete in an even more specific variety of archery than most other bowman who hunt do. I shoot arrow after arrow at a dot, a task that is the very definition of repetition. Despite this, my passion for archery continues to burn and will never smolder.


4 thoughts on “5. Confucius

  1. In truth, what Confucius said is something everyone would like to live by. Working at a job you enjoy with a friendly environment is amazing. As we near the end of this year, Seniors begin to apply for colleges. Many of us simply choose a college just for higher education, but a few lucky ones can choose a college they would enjoy and help them in their future careers. The opportunity to find a job or career that coincides closely with your own interests is somewhat rare. Crunching numbers as an accountant, working as a secretary, teaching at a school, and working in a cubicle are jobs that people usually don’t enjoy. A few may love this kind of work, but to truly find and have a job you will love and enjoy is a competition nowadays. Gamers have to be the best of the best to join the teams who compete in tournaments of LoL and DOTA 2. Any sports person usually give up their passion in college because they know they are not good enough to make a career out of it by going professional. Even if the job is not competitive such as a vet or doctor, the exhausting hours of education and internship often deter many from pursuing such a dream. Going back to your passion for archery. Mark Twain (possibly) may have suggested the idea that if you pay someone to do something they love they’ll view it as work, but if they work without pay their passion fills in the monotony that their job can bring. I feel that truly reflects your passion for archery. Many of us would feel bored if we had to shoot at a target continuously since we see it as a labor. But you see this as practice to get better and the only way to hone your skills as an archer.


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