Non-scholastic Writing

Whenever I write outside of school, it is for extracurriculars. I write several emails per week on average; however, most of my emails are short in length, anywhere from two to four sentences in length. Most emails I write are related to community service projects I help organize/run.

Another reason I write outside of school is for work. I write correspondence with my employer about my schedule several times a month. I also have to write tickets detailing purchases or service work that customers need at the shop. Most of this writing is in a list form and very trivial, but it helps keep my handwriting fresh while outside of school.


2 thoughts on “Non-scholastic Writing

  1. Nice! nyyyyyce! I write really boring emails too for extracurricular stuff or to teachers. Actually jk; I don’t think I’ve written an email to a teacher like 5ever. Honestly though, I hate emails. Don’t you. They’re so awkward and annoying and impersonal. I hate emails probably because they have to be grammatically correct. I hate grammar. Sorry if this seems very negative. I just really don’t like formal emails or grammar. Bye. Koool blog.


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