June 3rd

On my own day in history, a very serious event occurred in history. In 1989, Chinese citizens had been protesting for democratic reform for seven weeks. However, the government was prepared to end the protests. The government authorized its military to take back Tiananmen Square at any cost. They managed to reclaim the square, but at what cost? Thousands were arrested; hundreds killed. But wait, what had incited these people to gather in the first place? With Hu Yaobang passing away, and China lost a supporter of democratic reform. Thousand upon thousand of Chinese students gathered in protest of their government.

After the seizure of Tiananmen square, China faced opposition internationally, facing sanctions from countries such as the US, China was heading into economic decline. After a little over a year, China released hundreds of dissidents, facilitating the resume of international trade for China. This event was a series of mistakes for China — massacring of hundreds of its citizens, facilitating an economic slump, committing a humanitarian atrocity — that was hard to recover from, something the survivors will never forgive.



5. Confucius

This quote really spoke to me. I occasionally hear my classmates speak of their jobs. How they hate their long hours and hard work. But they accept their duties because of the amount of pay they get. When I work, I don’t work long hours, except on Saturday. But the best part about working at Live Oak is that I love working there. My coworkers are friendly, and I genuinely enjoy being an active part of the archery world. Like the boy in the comic, I picked up archery at an early age, and I will most likely continue to be involved in archery, when I enter college next fall, I hope to join the collegiate team, and eventually become a coach for local archery organizations.

What touched me the most, is how isolated the boy is. He continues to partake in his passion despite the fact none of his friends seem to support him; continuing to enjoy themselves while he continues to draw in solitude despite being among others. I often feel that way about archery, I participate in a very different sport than most of my peers do. Even more so, I compete in an even more specific variety of archery than most other bowman who hunt do. I shoot arrow after arrow at a dot, a task that is the very definition of repetition. Despite this, my passion for archery continues to burn and will never smolder.

Our Governor Concedes

Our former governor, Rick Perry has recently dropped out of the race for presidential election. After his failure in the 2012 election, Perry has never been able to recover his political image, being stuck “at near 1 percent” in the polls. During his announcement, Perry made snide remarks about Donald Trump, the current front runner for the Republican party. However, he also remarked about his confidence in the other candidates, putting his faith in their potential.

Being the first Republican to “bow out”, Perry had severe issues he could not overcome. Perry made a grave mistake in the 2012 campaign: he was unable to remember a federal agency he promised to close if elected.  He did not have the funds the other candidates had; subsequently, resulting in him having to stop funding his Iowa campaign staff. 



A beautiful song worth many dozens of listens.

Non-scholastic Writing

Whenever I write outside of school, it is for extracurriculars. I write several emails per week on average; however, most of my emails are short in length, anywhere from two to four sentences in length. Most emails I write are related to community service projects I help organize/run.

Another reason I write outside of school is for work. I write correspondence with my employer about my schedule several times a month. I also have to write tickets detailing purchases or service work that customers need at the shop. Most of this writing is in a list form and very trivial, but it helps keep my handwriting fresh while outside of school.