A reflection

This year in English has been a roller coaster. Stressing about due dates, relaxing on free days, it was all worth it. I could not imagine it spent in on-level English. While I admit I procrastinated on just about every assignment, it was painfully worth while. I was pretty laid back about keeping track of when things were due, and my grades reflected my error in judgement. I even forgot to do this blog post till Sunday evening when it was due on Friday. Even if Lindner does not give me the grade, I’m alright with that. Despite how much I told myself I hated doing this blog, it has been a blessing in disguise. I have been able to tell numerous things that have brewed in my soul for a long time. It really helped me clear out some of the necrotic part of my soul. With a new outlook on life, I am ready to tackle AP English IV, and whatever life throws at me. I know I will survive.


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