Transcendentalism is this wonderful idea that is best fit for small communities. With more people, there is more of a need for control. This control wears down and strips away the individual, leaving a lifeless husk of a person, content to be spoon fed their identity by the government. This philosophical movement was very short lived, only lasting a couple of decades. This movement had three main leaders, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, and Walt Whitman. Emerson was the founder, creating most of the philosophies and teachings, Thoreau was his student and put those principles to practice, while Whitman is an awesome man who wrote poems with a fabulous beard.

Cast Away is a fantastic movie, and also one that displays the principles of transcendentalism fairly well. Tom Hank’s character becomes marooned on an island, isolated from all human contact. He eventually faces the worst of his inner self, conquering most of it. He eventually transforms from a FedEx employee into an individual with his own thoughts and way of acting.


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