The OU Scene

While at first I felt that the students’s actions were acceptable, due to the freedom of speech granted by the Bill of Rights, I soon thought otherwise. The students used a very insensitive racial slur to identify the African American community they have chosen to bar the admittance of from their fraternity. Their open dislike of African Americans recalls the society called the Ku Klux Klan, an organization famous for their outrageous discrimination and prejudice of all minorities, especially Blacks. Modern society is ashamed of this organization’s treatment of Blacks and feels no different about the SEA’s discrimination.

The SEA is free to act as it wills, as an organization, but race discrimination was a battle long fought and won. It goes to show that there are still uncivilized people in this world. That each person has the freedom to do as he pleases, but cannot undermine the opportunity and freedom of another man.


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