Labyrinthine Sentence

Huddled masses made of tiny specs of dust each shoving their way to their next class; each meaningless by itself, but when all added up, culminates to a giant collection of bull- a supposed source of learning, of growth and of lying- the education system is just that, a system, that sucks people in (against their will) and spits them right out; sucking dry the maximum amount of asset from the collective it can, sucking dry each one of us being blown in the gales of a society that judges you (for being too round, too jagged, not ideal enough).

Got it down to exactly 100 words 🙂

In continuation:

A system that deludes people into believing it is in their best interest, preparing them for adulthood; for life; for their career- a lie to hold captive hundreds of thousands of people, human beings: the only race to stigmatize itself into oblivion, disgracing itself by assigning each person a number because the people at the top care more about a broken fingernail than our individuality.


2 thoughts on “Labyrinthine Sentence

  1. I find your sentence scarier by far than “Death Hilarious”, seeing as I feel it happening everyday. Seems to me our society is wonderful, so long as you play be someone else’s rules. Conformity is key, your blog says, but what doors does that key open? Worldly success, survival, assets, yes, but it all comes with a cost -a cost nearly everyone gives all too readily. Anyway, well done. You’ve captured the essence of the thoughts that have haunted me for awhile.


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