My First Album

It must have been over four years ago. My father had already been taking me into Half Price Books to look at CDs for years before when I finally bought my first one. It’s hard to remember, but I’m pretty sure the first CD I bought was the “Hello Nasty” album by the Beastie Boys. I just had to buy it because one of my favorite songs as a youngster (so long ago I have to rely on tales from my father) was by them. It was called “Brass Monkey”, which now I am aware is about alcohol. I purchased this CD in the hopes that it had this song as I had been wanting to own the song for years. To my chagrin, the song wasn’t on the CD, but I discovered several other songs to my liking. The CD is still in my possession, among one of the stacks of CDs dispersed throughout the house. I have grown away from the Beastie Boys, listening mostly to a collection of rock and alternative dating from the 60s-90s. I am not embarrassed by my purchase, as it was something I cherished, and still do as an album from one of my past favorite bands. I would hope my parents approved of the purchase considering they were there when I made it.


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