Wealth Inequality

I remember seeing this video years ago. It still has the same effect viewing it another time: utter disgust. The fact that the bottom 20% of this nation only holds 0.5% of the nation’s investments is frightening. They are living day to day barely scraping by compared to the wealthy.

I don’t find the facts detailed in this video surprising. I have been told repeatedly that the system is not in the regular man’s favor, and have seen considerable evidence for this statement. Homeless living on the streets and orphans in a land who’s rich spend $300,000 for a dog house and $1 million for their hair.

The video uses pathos to make an argument. He talks about the poor not even registering on his scale. He uses this information along with the fact that the 1% make 100 times more than the impoverished to evoke emotion in his viewers. The video also uses logos throughout the entire video. Using figures and percentages to quantify the inequality of wealth distribution. The video also uses ethos by citing information collected from a study, which immediately gives the information credibility. Each of these arguments are effective to fit the creator’s purpose: to inform people of this social injustice.

The video reinforces the idea in The Grapes of Wrath that the rich are in control of everything. They set wages while the poor are scrambling to get substandard wages for an entire days work.

The video also recalls the idea of social inequality due to wealth present in The Great Gatsby. Gatsby is devoted to building an immense wealth only to win back a lost love.


2 thoughts on “Wealth Inequality

  1. The reaction you had was similar to the one I had. But while I knew it was bad, I didn’t know it was that bad (I’m oblivious to a lot of things but oh well.) For a split second i started to laugh at your comment about dog houses and hair appointments, but then I realized that it’s actually true and while it (hopefully) isn’t to that extent, it’s still pretty ridiculous. I also agree with what you said about using the graphs and charts and some of those facts to really make it a shock factor about the inequality.


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