2015 Obama State of the Union Address

To highlight the positives of the new century, President Obama refers to memorable trials the United States has had to face. He recalls on the negative first to leave an impression that there was good done, even outweighing the bad. In either distinction, he uses examples that would have affected the average American to connect himself to his audience. He achieves this with the use of personal pronouns such as “we” and “our” to include himself, a strategy used in many political addresses. By including himself in the American people’s struggle, Obama instills confidence and familiarity boosting his approval in his listeners. The President also assures that everything is going well. Money is not an issue, availability of energy is no issue, the recession is also not an issue.

Following in FDR’s footsteps, Obama defines his plan of immediate action. By keeping his word, the President is able to build up a trust in the American people, further contributing to his approval rating. In an additional method to improve the citizen’s approval, President Obama describes anecdotes, of people who he assumingly has met, who have struggled financially in recent times. He relates their challenges to our own, and also their triumph over their challenges as our own.

Obama repeats the phrase “We believed” to emphasize that very phrase and the success America has seen due to that belief. He seems to be implying that as long as America believes, that faith hope will manifest into reality. The President is able to connect his speech to itself, referring back to Rebekah the struggling wife/mother anecdote at the end of his speech restating that America has been a struggling family, but the future is ours to decide.


One thought on “2015 Obama State of the Union Address

  1. Interesting comparison between Obama and FDR! Hadn’t thought of that before. Since this was the first time I’d actually sat down and watched the entire State of the Union from beginning to end, it was also my first time to hear a President lay out his plan for the future, something more interesting than it actually sounds. Also enjoyed that last bit, “the future is ours to decide.” Really sums up the whole point of the speech, not just in terms of economics, but in terms of hope and patriotism.


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