Francis Crick

Francis Crick is a scientist who lived from 1916-2004. Crick lived during the time of Jane Addams, Mohandas Gandhi, and Martin Luther King Jr.He studied physics at University College, London. He mastered the field as indicative of his Bachelor of Science and the beginning of his research for a Ph.D., unfortunately interrupted by wartime. Crick also learned organic chemistry, biology, and crystallography as well as received his Ph.D. during his years after serving in the Admiralty. One of his achievements was creating a general theory on x-ray diffraction of a double helix in DNA along with W. Cochran and V. Vand. X-ray crystallography is a way to see the structure of a crystal on the molecular and atomic level.

Through this research, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, became a Fellow of the Royal Society, among other prestigious societies; ; and awarded the Prix Charles Leopold Meyer of the French Academy of Sciences. Crick married twice, and had 3 children in total. His work in DNA research led to an explanation of gene replication and chromosome.


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