The Good and the Bad

At the beginning of the semester, I was more diligent about reading the books we were assigned. I completely read The Shallows and Smarter Than You Think. This is evident because my grades on book assessments got slightly lower as the semester went on. One of the things that helped fuel my success in English class is getting other people to read my essays. I rarely had people proofread my work simply because I was afraid of what they would think of my writing. I was forced to disregard my fears and ask people to edit my work due to my struggle with rhetorical analysis. 

I feel that I am lacking behind in my timed writing. I have a challenging time identifying a purpose and writing coherent thought in the short time period we have for timed writing. The reason for my continued stumbles is mostly because of my failure to practice and see where I can improve. I also gained the bad habit of sparknoting sections of the assigned readings for class. The only reason is because I ran out of time. Either from doing other tasks or using my time wastefully.

I plan to work my faults for next semester to become more studious. I have already begun reading the next book we are discussing, The Great Gatsby. Additionally, I intend to crank out a timed writing during the weekends when I have sufficient amount of time to do so along with my other duties.


Analysis of Mark Twain: Papers of the Adam Family

In today’s world, corporations daily gain influence through the money they gain from product sales or services they provide. Corporations use this power to control the government, ensuring the companies’ best interests. The politician is then forced to pass legislation limiting taxes, allowing unethical practices, and giving more freedom to large corporations. This enables companies to bombard their existing customer base and also potential customers with advertisements that entice them to drink soda because Taylor Swift is radiant while drinking a coke. The ad is absurd, relying on sheep mentality of following a popular celebrity. As Mark Twain said, civilization in its search for advancement “has destroyed the simplicity and repose of life”. A society in which its governing body allows the manipulation of its people is a twisted and backward society veering from the right path.

The average teen sends approximately 3,339 texts in one month, that is over 111 texts per day. At that rate of transmission, one could say that teenagers have become reliant on cell phones for information interchange. While kids busily communicate with their BFF or BAE, boyfriend/girlfriend, and 3 other new friends they have just made, they miss over the world revolving outside their peripheral vision. A world full of beauty and tranquility starkly contrasts the flying thumbs of a teen. The teenagers dependence upon cellular devices limits their view of the world and keeps them on edge learning about newer trends, which Twain hypothesized the invention of “useless luxuries” long before the invention of the land line.

Twain’s statement that civilization “has destroyed the simplicity and repose of life” can be connected with his book Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. On his travels, Huck met various characters who symbolized the society he lived in. These symbols were not ideal, but represented the worst parts of life. There was Huck’s own father, Pap, who abused him and even held him hostage. The King and the Duke conned everyone they could. The Grangerford and Shepherdson clans destroyed each other over an infantile feud. No wonder Huck left for the territories to escape all this