Thanksgiving is coming soon, and what better to write about than what I’m thankful for?

I am thankful for parents that are always there, who support me in everything I do, Without them, I would be unable to do all the things that I do. I am thankful to have a job. Where I can earn a little bit of spending money and help my parents’ budget. But most of all, I am thankful to have a life on this world. It is not perfect, but I know of no better than this Earth.


Important or Not

I overhear constantly of people worried about their grades. This is becoming more prevalent in my life, understandably due to the imminence of college, and college applications. While I do believe that an adequate GPA is integral to attending the college of choice, it is not the end all. Colleges used to be solely concerned with the intelligence (GPA) of their student body, but now as the “higher level” workforce is being saturated with intellectuals, universities are searching for a more balanced student. One that participates in extracurricular activites, holds leadership positions in these activities, but also, the students commitment to a project, but minimal to no decline in academic success.

While being aware of one’s grades is important to verify that teachers have not made mistakes in the transfer of a grade, it creates unnecessary stress, during a period when adolescents are in a period of perpetual stress from spreading ourselves thin struggling to figure out who we are, and who we want to be.

We are still kids, and should for the most part be enjoying life. Is it worthwhile to worry about whether you got an A or B on a test? We have decades more to worry about more important things. Furthermore, what if that was your last thought as you haplessly pass away?

A Look Back

Here are three classmates’ blog posts I have decided to comment on:

If you haven’t heard a song by the Eagles, I’d say you’re either lying, or have a terrible taste in music. From the iconic “Hotel California” to the relaxing “Take it Easy” the Eagles, have created fabulous songs and I am of the opinion that each member was a decent guy, except for Don Felder that is.


My biggest achievement has been competing internationally in my sport. Archery may not be prevalent in most Americans’ lives, but it is in mine.

This August, I had the opportunity to compete at the World Archery Field Championships (WAFC) in Zagreb, Croatia. This was no small feat; I had to compete in the National Championships and place well enough to qualify for Worlds and also raise the funds for the trip.

The national qualifier was an excellent preparation. Imitating the types of set up we could be shooting in Worlds, we shot at all sorts of angles and various lighting conditions. The WAFC was a new experience for me, and I had very little idea of what I was going into, but I was used to that by then.

I was unprepared for even the national competition. I had signed up with the mentality that I wouldn’t make the cut for Worlds, and so I decided to just enjoy shooting. As fate would have it, my relaxation allowed me to focus and shoot well.

I shot well at Worlds, and almost made it to the elimination brackets. The experience was great and I had an amazing time. I would certainly do it again if I had the chance.