Family History

Quite frankly, it’s pathetic how little I know about my family lineage. While most of my family lives out of the country, it isn’t a great excuse. My mother’s family and father’s family live in Korea. My father may or may not have remarried, I have no clue as we don’t communicate except during some summers when I visit. My step-dad has two sisters that live in College Station and the Temple area. My grandparents (abuelitos) from my step-dad’s side are the most distant relatives I have that I can talk about with the smallest shred of exactness.

When stood next to my abuelitos, I obviously have no blood relation to them. However, I love them with all my heart and cherish the few times I have the opportunity to see them a year. Despite my longing to see them, I have never taken the chance to call and simply talk. I’m not aware of the reason why I don’t do this. Maybe I’m too shy, but that’s illogical. Maybe I’m too busy, but there’s always time for family especially since my abuelito doesn’t have much time left to live. Once he passes, I know there’ll be a large void in my heart for a long while. I know that I want to spend as much time with him as I can.

My abuelitos haven’t done something all that spectacular. They immigrated from Mexico when my step-dad was just a babe. With little to their name, they settled in Cee Vee, a minuscule town within an hour drive of Amarillo, Texas. My abuelo works on a farm growing cotton and raising cattle for the majority of their income. My abuela is a stay-at-home wife. My relatives have never been well-off either, but they haven’t done anything to cause them to be in the financial situation they are in. Even though they earn much, they spend large amounts of money supporting my cousins and I. I am grateful for ever penny they send, as they can stretch their dollar rather well and would be better in their hands.


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