I’m creating a new post because I feel it important for my response to a comment in my “The Dark Side” post, and others who read it to understand where I’m coming from.

By no means am I dissing sports in general. I am aware and have experienced personal growth through my involvement in sports. My beef is not with the simple act of participation in sports and the practical effects of said involvement, but with the concept of its over importance.

Is being on a varsity team all that worth it? Will it land you that perfect job? Introduce you to your future spouse? While these examples are unlikely the case for anything you do, doesn’t that justify experiencing a broader childhood?

Music seems to fairly popular with most people. Learning an instrument isn’t for everyone, I understand that. But the experience of at least attempting to do so is worthwhile. Wouldn’t you agree that it would make you appreciate your favorite artist more? And with the type of music we decide to listen to reflects a part of our character. Songs about sex, money, drugs, etc. it’s all entertainment and there’s nothing wrong with that. But a refusal to sample other genres is rather shallow and narrow-minded. While I’m not saying that we should all listen to Mozart and Bach for the rest of our lives, but isn’t refusing to have a wider experience rather juvenile?

Now I regress. I love my sport, while else would I have competed internationally for it? Not only did I practice three times the amount I normally do in preparation for the contest, I had to fund raise, which mostly consisted of donations from friends and family. I did all this, and ended up getting disqualified on a technicality. While the experience was challenging; I certainly would go through it if I had the choice to redo that experience.

My point is that there are benefits to sports, and almost everything we do in life, but it’s going a little too far. Do we really need to pay athletes millions of dollars to compete and spend more money to watch them do so? I believe the activity should be reward in of itself. But it is a socially accepted custom to throw money at entertainers while our neighbors struggle to find a meal. I have accepted that it is a person’s prerogative to spend their equity in any way they feel like, but how are we benefiting society?

If you have managed to get this far in my post (or even begin to read) I thank you. I may have harped on the negative side of the argument. But I felt it unnecessary to mention the positive, most of us are already aware of them.


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